Dell EMC XC Series Appliance and XC Core System Life Cycle Manager Reference Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist you with the best possible experience using Life Cycle Manager (LCM) along with the XC Series 13th and 14thgeneration appliances using an ESXi, AHV, and Hyper-V. This document contains recommendations and support statements.

LCM is a new framework that was introduced in the Nutanix Acropolis Operating System (AOS) 5.0 timeframe.
NOTE: The AOS 4.7.x Branch is not supported.

Dell EMC provides the payload for the XC Series appliance. LCM automates the software and firmware updates for your XC Series clusters. You can upgrade the LCM framework incrementally as part of your AOS upgrade and it provides integrated automation of your appliance hardware entity updates. LCM uses iDRAC and industry standard protocols to perform updates while maintaining your highly available production environment with no perceived end-user downtime.

The goal of LCM is to run cluster-aware hardware entity updates with ease using an automated framework. The framework eliminates the manual steps necessary to update Dell EMC XC Series appliances and saves hours of an administrator's valuable time. LCM performs cluster-aware, rolling updates one XC Series appliance at a time. PowerTools Agent (PTAgent) automatically installs and configures the iDRAC Service Module (iSM) allowing out-of-band iDRAC Lifecycle Controller updates with no production cluster downtime. LCM provides the following turnkey capabilities:
  • Enables automated inventory and update of software and firmware versions of hardware entities in the cluster:
    • BIOS
    • Backplane
    • SAS controllers
    • Network Adapter
    • iDRAC
    • SATADOM (13G)
      NOTE: Provided by Nutanix
    • BOSS (14G)
    • SSDs
    • NVME
    • PTAgent
    • ISM
  • Schedule and check availability for recent updates automatically
  • Live migration of VMs streamlines automation process
  • Supports dark sites with LCM locality settings
  • Leverages rich standards-based APIs offered by iDRAC Lifecycle Controller (WS-MAN, Redfish, IPMI, and RACADM CLI)
  • NCC health check validates the health of a cluster prior to performing the updates
  • Prism Tasks tab enables Entity update status