Documentation resources

This section provides information about the documentation resources for your system.

To view the document that is listed in the documentation resources table:
  • From the Dell EMC support site:
    1. Click the documentation link that is provided in the Location column in the table.
    2. Click the required product or product version.
      NOTE: To locate the product name and model, see the front of your system.
    3. On the Product Support page, click Manuals & documents.
  • Using search engines:
    • Type the name and version of the document in the search box.
Table 1. Additional documentation resources for your systemThe following describes the additional information about the resources available to operate your system:
Task Document Location
Setting up your system

For more information about installing and securing the system into a rack, see the Rail Installation Guide included with your rail solution.

For information about setting up your system, see the Getting Started Guide document that is shipped with your system.

Configuring your system For information about the iDRAC features, configuring and logging in to iDRAC, and managing your system remotely, see the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller User's Guide.

For information about understanding Remote Access Controller Admin (RACADM) subcommands and supported RACADM interfaces, see the RACADM CLI Guide for iDRAC.

For information about Redfish and its protocol, supported schema, and Redfish Eventing implemented in iDRAC, see the Redfish API Guide.

For information about iDRAC property database group and object descriptions, see the Attribute Registry Guide.

For information about Intel QuickAssist Technology, see the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller User's Guide.

For information about earlier versions of the iDRAC documents.

To identify the version of iDRAC available on your system, on the iDRAC web interface, click ? > About.
For information about installing the operating system, see the operating system documentation.
For information about updating drivers and firmware, see the Methods to download firmware and drivers section in this document.
Managing your system For information about systems management software offered by Dell, see the Dell OpenManage Systems Management Overview Guide.
For information about setting up, using, and troubleshooting OpenManage, see the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator User’s Guide. > OpenManage Server Administrator
For information about installing, using, and troubleshooting Dell OpenManage Enterprise, see the Dell OpenManage Enterprise User’s Guide.
For information about installing and using Dell SupportAssist, see the Dell EMC SupportAssist Enterprise User’s Guide.
For information about partner programs enterprise systems management, see the OpenManage Connections Enterprise Systems Management documents.
Working with the Dell PowerEdge RAID controllers For information about understanding the features of the Dell PowerEdge RAID controllers (PERC), Software RAID controllers, or BOSS card and deploying the cards, see the Storage controller documentation.
Understanding event and error messages For information about the event and error messages generated by the system firmware and agents that monitor system components, go to > Look Up > Error Code, type the error code, and then click Look it up.
Troubleshooting your system For information about identifying and troubleshooting the PowerEdge server issues, see the Server Troubleshooting Guide.