Dell EMC Best Practices for Running VMware ESXi 6.5 or Later Clusters on XC Series Appliances and XC Core Systems

This best practice guidance is aimed at Dell EMC XC Series Appliances and XC Core Systems configured to boot VMware ESXi from either a SATADOM or a Boot Optimized Server Storage (BOSS) card boot device.

This document provides recommendations for maintaining the stability and performance of the platform and workloads, while also preserving the operational lifetime of the boot device.
NOTE: The information in this document applies to both Dell EMC XC Series Appliances, as well as the Dell EMC XC Core System offering. Sections or information that apply to only one of the offerings (XC Series or XC Core) will be called out explicitly.

The Dell EMC XC Series Appliances and XC Core Systems are optimized to host scalable compute, storage, networking, and virtualization workloads. The design focus provides a simplified and scalable approach for handling workloads.

For assistance or questions regarding any of the items that are listed in this document, contact Dell Technical Support.