Upgrade Dell EMC PowerFlex to v3.6.x

This guide provides the upgrade procedures for PowerFlex components.

The following table lists the upgrade support matrix:

Table 1. Upgrade support matrix
ScaleIO / VxFlex OS base version Upgrade path Supporting documentation
v2.0.1.4, 2.6.x Two-step upgrade flow:
  1. Upgrade to latest version of v3.0.1.x
  2. Upgrade to v3.6
Upgrade VxFlex OS to v3.0.x Guide

Upgrade PowerFlex to v3.6 Guide

v3.0, v3.0.0.x, v3.0.1.x, v3.5.x Single-step upgrade from VxFlex OS v3.0/v3.0.0.x/v3.0.1.x or PowerFlex v3.5.x to PowerFlex v3.6 Upgrade PowerFlex v3.6 Guide
NOTE: On ESXi-based PowerFlex v3.0, or v3.0.0.x systems that contain CentOS 7.5-based SVMs, the CentOS operating system must be upgraded after upgrade of system components.
NOTE: Upgrade of AMS managed PowerFlex systems to v3.6:

AMS is not supported on PowerFlex v3.5 and later versions. For guidance on AMS removal and the option to move to PowerFlex Manager, please reach out to PowerFlex Product Management.