Upgrade Dell EMC PowerFlex to v3.5.x

This guide provides the upgrade procedures for PowerFlex components. A critical issue has been uncovered in the upgrade process from PowerFlex 3.0.x to PowerFlex 3.5.x for configurations with Fine Granularity (FG) storage pools. Customers with PowerFlex version 3.0.x and FG storage pools who wish to upgrade to PowerFlex version 3.5.x should contact Customer Support via a service request for upgrade guidance. Customers who have already upgraded to PowerFlex version 3.5 or 3.5.1 should contact Customer Support via SR for remediation to prevent the critical issue. Fresh deployments of PowerFlex version 3.5.x with FG storage pools are not affected.

The following table lists the upgrade support matrix:

Table 1. Upgrade support matrix
ScaleIO / VxFlex OS base version Upgrade path Supporting documentation
v2.0.1.4, 2.6.x Two-step upgrade flow:
  1. Upgrade to latest version of v3.0.1.x
  2. Upgrade to v3.5.1.x
Upgrade VxFlex OS to v3.0.x Guide

Upgrade PowerFlex to v3.5.x Guide

v2.6.1.1 two-layer systems only, v3.0, v3.0.0.x, v3.0.1.x, v3.5, v3.5.1.x Single-step upgrade from VxFlex OS v2.6.1.1/v3.0/v3.0.0.x/v3.0.1.x or PowerFlex v3.5/v3.5.1.x to PowerFlex v3.5.1.x Upgrade PowerFlex v3.5.x Guide
NOTE: On ESXi-based PowerFlex v3.0, or v3.0.0.x systems that contain CentOS 7.5-based SVMs, the CentOS operating system must be upgraded after upgrade of system components.
NOTE: Upgrade of AMS managed PowerFlex systems to v3.5.x:

AMS is not supported on PowerFlex v3.5 and future versions. For guidance on AMS removal and the option to move to PowerFlex Manager please reach out to PowerFlex Product Management.