Install and upgrade

PowerFlex 3.5.1 can be installed on a clean system or used as an upgrade. Learn important information about installing or upgrading to this version.


For complete instructions for installing PowerFlex, see the Deploy PowerFlex Guide.

For complete instructions for installing VxFlex Ready Node, see the VxFlex Ready Node Deployment Guide.


PowerFlex use requires a license. Please call your Dell EMC account representative to purchase a license for PowerFlex.


The following table lists the versions from which the upgrade can be performed:

Table 1. Upgrade support matrix
ScaleIO / VxFlex OS / PowerFlex base version Upgrade path Supporting documentation
v2.0.1.4, v2.6.x Two-step upgrade flow:
  1. Upgrade to latest version of v3.0.1.x
  2. Upgrade to v3.5.1

Upgrade VxFlex OS to v3.0.x Guide

Upgrade PowerFlex to v3.5.1 Guide

v2.6.1.1 two-layer systems only, v3.0, v3.0.0.x, v3.0.1.x, v3.5 Single-step upgrade from VxFlex OS v3.0/v3.0.0.x/v3.0.1.x or PowerFlex v3.5 to PowerFlex v3.5.1 Upgrade PowerFlex to v3.5.1 Guide

Supported operating systems

The user documentation contains a list of supported operating systems. For the most current information, see the Dell EMC Simple Support Matrix (ESSM) at

SDC compatibility

By design, the PowerFlex SDC in this release is compatible with previously released systems that are currently supported (for example, VxFlex OS v3.0.1). In addition, the PowerFlex system (backend) in this release is backward compatible with previously released SDC versions that are currently supported.

Some limitations may apply to mixed-version systems, such as:

  • Replication is not supported on SDC releases earlier than PowerFlex v3.5.
  • The CHAP component authentication feature cannot be enabled unless every MDM, SDC and SDS in the system is at least version 3.5, and conversely, if the feature is enabled, no pre-v3.5 SDCs can be added.
  • Fine Granularity Storage Pool-based volumes cannot be mapped to a ScaleIO / VxFlex OS v2.x SDC
  • Snapshot Policy management is not available with SDC releases earlier than VxFlex OS v3.0.