Fixed issues

The following table lists the issues that were fixed in VxFlex OS


If an issue was reported by customers, the customers' Service Request numbers appear in the "Issue number & SR number" column, and serve to correlate between customer-reported issues and the VxFlex OS (SCI) issue number.

Table 1. Fixed issues
Issue number & SR Number Problem summary

SR# 17734455

Attempting to initiate log collection using the VxFlex OS Gateway fails with the error message "Server didn't respond, code 400".

SR# 17833961

In AIX-based systems, when there is a high I/O load, the SDC might crash.

SR# 17804141

During NDU from v2.x to v3.x, in rare scenarios, if the system has a large amount of volumes and SDS server memory is low or very fragmented, v2.x SDS(s) may experience a segmentation fault (crash) after the MDM cluster is upgraded.

SR# 17429919

In systems with over 2000 devices, the VxFlex OS GUI and Gateway might not receive some device objects, causing the GUI to not display those devices, and the Gateway and GUI to falsely send an alert for the Storage Pool not meeting the minimum number (3) of fault units.
SCI-54185 During NDU from v2.x to v3.x, in systems with thousands of VTrees, the MDM may crash several times in the upgrade post-processing phase (after all SDSs were upgraded and before the finalize_upgrade command is allowed).

SR# 17693786

Initiation of log collection using the VxFlex OS Gateway fails.
SCI-53961 The command drv_cfg --query_block_device_id does not work on AIX-based SDCs.
SCI-53895 While upgrading a system with Windows SDC using the Installer, upgrade of LIA might fail.
SCI-53615 Following a user password change, inactive GUI sessions might generate a large amount of failed login retries.

SR# 17318949

AIX-based SDC might crash under high I/O load.

SR# 17312708

Installation of the VxFlex Gateway component fails when installing it on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15. The installation may fail due to a known issue:

The error in the rpm install script will exit with the message:

grep: write error: Broken pipe


SR# 17273707

When using Java 8u241, MDM and LIA certificates have to be re-approved upon every VxFlex OS Gateway restart.
SCI-52513 When using the command sg_dd to test I/O to /dev/sciniX devices, the server might crash.
SCI-52479 On Windows operating systems, after removing the VxFlex OS Gateway using Add\Remove Programs, a new VxFlex OS Gateway cannot be installed. This happens because the VxFlex OS Gateway service was not removed. In many cases, this is caused by not performing a reboot prior to a new installation.

SR# 17017018

In large scale systems with a large number of SDCs, the following message may fill up the log files: multiheadRow_InitiateRoleSwitchIfNeeded

Example of full message:

multiHeadMgr_FillMultiHeadsInfoBuff:03715: SDC 71892b3800000000 Adding multihead ID: 72370000 gennum: 1


SR# 17028785

The MDM may have socket disconnection issues, causing the MDM cluster to enter degraded state. This issue disappears after a short time and connection is restored to MDM members.

SR# 16933891

AMS mistakenly reports "Errors have been detected on the Physical Disk" on drives from slots 0 and 1 in all nodes. The issue is caused due to a text change in iDRAC that causes sampling to raise a false alert.
SCI-52093 When installing the Gateway on CentOS\RHEL8.x, the installation may fail due to a known issue:

The error will cause the rpm install script to exit with the message:

grep: write error: Broken pipe


SR# 16858218

The command enter_maintenance_mode may take longer than expected, sometimes resulting in an MDM crash, after which MM entrance will continue normally. This has a higher chance of happening during NDU from v2.x to v3.x.

SR# 16858218

After upgrading the VxFlex OS Gateway to version 3.X, the logs include frequent occurrences of the following error: authSession_GetSessionFromTokenForReadOrWrite:00293: Session mismatch

This issue is resolved in version and later.


SR# 16718335

During an upgrade from v2.x to v3.x on a highly populated cluster with mostly thick volumes, the VxFlex OS Gateway might fail to place the SDS into instant maintenance mode due to insufficient resources.

SR# 16761678

While trying to run an orchestrated script execution using the VxFlex OS Installer in v3.x, the operation fails during the pre-check process, with an error stating that the available spare capacity is lower than the largest fault set.
SCI-50386 Upgrade from v3.0 to v3.x using the VxFlex OS Installer might fail on Ubuntu and/or RHEL based nodes due to incompatibility with the ifconfig tool on Linux.