Changed features

Learn about the enhanced features for VxFlex OS v3.0.1.2.

AMS firmware update

The following firmware packages are new in this release.

NOTE: In this version, the NVIDMM firmware was added to the AMS firmware repository, and will be included as part of the upgrade process orchestration. In previous versions, the NVDIMM firmware update will have to be performed manually.
Component platform related Firmware version Package name
BIOS (R640, R740xd) 2.6.4 BIOS_R6HXJ_WN64_2.6.4.EXE
iDRAC (R640, R740xd, R840) iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_KTC95_WN64_4.10.10.10_A00.EXE
NVDIMM Firmware (two files for two types of NVDIMMs) 9772




iSM (this is not firmware and will be deployed on the operating system) 3.4.1 New ESXi 6.5&6.7:

RHEL7.5: dcism-3.4.1-1722.el7.x86_64.rpm

Intel X710/XL710/XXV710 Dual/Quad ports 19.5.12 New Network_Firmware_YP4R0_WN64_19.5.12_A00.EXE
Intel X540/X550/I350 Dual/Quad ports 19.5.12 New Network_Firmware_40NTK_WN64_19.5.12_A00.EXE
Mellanox ConnectX-4 LX New Network_Firmware_5T22D_WN64_14.25.80.00.EXE
Mellanox ConnectX-4 New Network_Firmware_93RHT_WN64_12.25.10.20.EXE
Mellanox ConnectX-5 New Network_Firmware_89X3D_WN64_16.25.82.02.EXE
PERC H740P 50.9.3-2949 New SAS-RAID_Firmware_JVJNC_WN64_50.9.3-2949_A10_02.EXE
Samsung PM883a HG56 New Serial-ATA_Firmware_D7FXF_WN64_HG56_A00.EXE

QLogic NIC support

The following new NIC models are not supported by AMS:
Vendor Model Type Ports / Speeds DPN MOD SKU Option ID
QLogic FastLinQ 41262 rNDC 2x 25Gb SFP28 4KF8J CJHVH 555-BDYC G90ZK1Y
QLogic FastLinQ 41262 LP NIC 2x 25Gb SFP28 415DX TYF7G 540-BBZJ GGCKOA3
QLogic FastLinQ 41262 FH NIC 2x 25Gb SFP28 51GRM NDF8N 540-BBYL GGC2YN8

ESXi support

The following ESXi versions are supported:

Version Release name Release date Build number
ESXi 6.5 P04 ESXi650-201912002 12/19/2019 15256549
ESXi 6.7 P01 ESXi670-201912001 12/05/2019 15160138