Support deprecation

Learn about the features that are no longer supported in VxFlex OS

AMS compute management support

The Compute and Networking feature is no longer supported on VxFlex Ready Node.

Windows server backend components

MDM and SDS components are no longer supported on Windows servers (SDC, VxFlex OS Gateway and VxFlex OS GUI are still supported).

SATADOM boot device support

VxFlex OS v3.0 cannot be deployed on the 32 GB SATADOM boot device that was sold in the first generation of Dell EMC ScaleIO/VxRack Nodes and VxRack Flex (a hardware solution based on Quanta servers). Customers who have older hardware with 32 GB SATADOM but want to use the CentOS SVM in their ESXi configurations on VxFlex OS 2.6.x should contact their account representative to open an RPQ.

DAS Cache support on SVM

The Storage VM in this release is based on CentOS 7.5, but DAS Cache does not support RHEL\CentOS 7.5. DAS Cache will continue to be supported on Bare Metal RHEL 7.3 and SLES 12.2.

Multiple SDSs on the same server

The installation of multiple SDS instances on the same server is no longer supported. To guarantee a better customer experience and improved stability, VxFlex OS currently only supports a single SDS per server.

As previous releases of VxFlex OS supported the installation of multiple SDS instances per server (up to four), existing nodes using the multiple-SDS feature should be reconfigured in order to be eligible for an upgrade. Consult with your Dell EMC Professional Services contact to assist with this configuration change, before you upgrade your system.

Deprecated operating systems

Refer to the ESSM for details.