Configuring VxFlex OS with stateless ESXis overview

Using stateless mode for the ESXis that host the SDCs allows for automated host configuration, and ensures that the hosts are configured consistently.

Before you begin configuring VxFlex OS with stateless ESXis, ensure that:

  • The ESXi hosts are connected to the vCenter.
  • A vSphere Auto Deploy server is installed.
  • A Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server is installed for downloaded the ESXi image ZIP file.
  • A Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server is installed for the Auto Deploy server to contact during host startup for provisioning the host with the image profile.

The following steps are necessary to configure the system with stateless ESXis:

  1. Use PowerCLI to configure the base ESXi host with the settings you wish to replicate for the remaining ESXis.
    Note: Stateless systems cannot run hyper-converged, sharing local storage.
  2. Create a profile based on the base ESXi.
  3. Edit the profile to configure the MDM IP addresses and other SDC settings.
  4. Attach the ESXis to the profile.
  5. Verify that the SDCs installed on these ESXis are connected to the VxFlex OS system.