Deployment options—Linux

Deploy PowerFlex on physical servers using the PowerFlex Installer wizard, or fully customized option.

The following deployment options are available:

  • Fully customizable installation

    This mode, which enables the highest level of customization, makes use of a user-prepared CSV topology file and the PowerFlex Installer to install PowerFlex and configure nodes. To add additional servers in the future, you will use the combination of CSV topology file and PowerFlex Installer again. For this reason, it is recommended to save the file in a secure encrypted folder on your operating system, after deployment.

  • Using the PowerFlex Installer wizard

    This abbreviated mode gets a PowerFlex system up and running in the simplest manner, with preset node configuration, where all management and data communications are on the same network. This mode is perfect for a single-Protection Domain, fully converged system. No CSV file is required.