Services do not start after Core VM upgrade

System library services do not start automatically when the Core VM reboots after you upgrade VxBlock Central.

If you encounter this issue, the following messages display in the terminal window:

Notice: Finished catalog run in 38.85 seconds
<time-stamp>: Waiting for postgresql-9.1 to start...
<time-stamp>: Waiting for jboss to start...
<time-stamp>: Waiting for rabbitmq-server to start...
<time-stamp>: Waiting for FMServer.ear to be deployed...
<time-stamp>: Timed out after 300 seconds waiting for FMServer.ear to be deployed!
<time-stamp>: Failed!
  1. To restart the Core VM, start an SSH session to the Core VM.
  2. Log in as root.
  3. To shut down the Core VM, type: shutdown -h now
  4. Power on the Core VM from the VMware vSphere Client.