Upgrade a single MSM VM using the simplified upgrade

Upgrade in a data center environment with multiple Core VMs mapped to a single MSM VM.

About this task

The following illustration is an example of a single-site cluster:

Before you begin

Ensure you complete the following steps for a VxBlock Central simplified upgrade:
  1. Collect the custom display names.
  2. Take a snapshot of the VMs.
  3. Configure the NTP server.


  1. Download the VxBlock-Central_upgradeBundle file from the Download Center for the MSM VM and copy to the root directory on the MSM VM:
  2. Obtain file permission and type:

    sh VxBlock-Central_upgradebundle_<buildnumber>.vce

    This script runs the MSP VM, Core VM, and MSM upgrades.

  3. A series of prompts instruct you to input the following:
    1. SLIB\MSP root passwords.
    2. Confirm OVA snapshot (y/n).
    3. Confirm to connect (y/n).
    To change details of an accepted EULA, type: /opt/vce/fm/bin/resetEulaAcceptance, and then /opt/vce/fm/bin/startEulaAcceptance. If the confirmation for the OVA snapshot is n or any of the system upgrade fails, the script stops and you need to revert to the snapshot and rerun the command from MSM again. Once all the systems are updated, the command displays a summary of the execution. The output of the run is written into a logfile: /opt/vce/multivbmgmt/logs/upgradeLogFile-{date}.log
  4. At the end of the run, MSM reboots. Log in again and check all services are working.
  5. See Verify a Core VM upgrade to verify the upgrade.
  6. See Verify the MSP VM upgrade to verify the upgrade.
  7. See Verify the MSM VM upgrade to verify the upgrade.
  8. Enable permission for CLM data sync by typing: chmod 775 /opt/tomcat/temp
  9. Restart the MSM services by typing vision stop; vision start;

What to do next

Retype the custom display names.