VxBlock Central upgrade overview

The VxBlock Central upgrade can be performed for the Core VM, MSM VM, and MSP VM in single site or multisite clusters.

You can use a script to upgrade a single site cluster with a single MSM VM. From the script, the MSM VM initiates the upgrade for the Core VM and the MSP VM. For more information, see Upgrade a single MSM VM using the simplified upgrade.

You can also perform a classic upgrade by running the steps that are provided in Upgrade a single-site cluster with a single MSM VM.

A classic upgrade includes the following procedures:
  • Upgrade a single-site cluster with a single MSM VM
  • Upgrade a single-site cluster containing multiple MSM VMs
  • Upgrade a multisite cluster

Select the appropriate upgrade procedure which is based on your environment.

Before an upgrade, there are system checks and information that must be recorded in case there are issues during the upgrade.

After the upgrade is complete, there are tasks that you must perform to verify the upgrade.