Upgrade a multisite cluster

Upgrade up to three data centers in an environment, each having up to two MSM VMs. These MSM VMs can each be associated with up to two Core VMs.

About this task

The following figure shows multisite cluster data center environment:

Upgrade the VMs in each data center starting with the data center containing the MSM VM acting as the Cassandra seed node. The Core VMs can be upgraded across data centers before the MSM VM upgrades to minimize the time between upgrading the MSM VM.

Once the upgrade process begins, do not:
  • Add any Core VMs to any MSM VMs in the cluster.
  • Join any additional MSM VMs to the MSM VM cluster.

After an MSM VM cluster is upgraded, exceptions may display in the /opt/vce/multivbmgmt/logs/CollectionManager.log until all MSM VMs are upgraded. Collections may fail on MSM VMs until they are upgraded. Until both data centers are upgraded, an MSM VM upgrade in one data center impacts collections by MSM VMs running in the other data center.