VxRail documentation

The following tables list available documents about VxRail Manager and VxRail appliances.

Table 1. VxRail core administration and lifecycle management documentation
Document Description
SolVe Online for VxRail (Login required) Step-by-step instructions for procedures such as replacing hardware or performing system administrative tasks are available through SolVe Online and the SolVe Desktop application.

For more information about SolVe for VxRail, refer to KB 525271.

VxRail Appliance 7.0.x Administration Guide

VxRail Appliance 4.7.x Administration Guide

VxRail Appliance 4.5.x Administration Guide

These documents describe the VxRail appliance, how it works, and how to perform administrative tasks.

VxRail 7.0.x Release Notes

VxRail 4.7.x Release Notes

VxRail 4.5.x Release Notes

(Login required) These documents contain a brief description of VxRail Manager releases, including lists of known issues and workarounds.
Table 2. VxRail support matrices
Document Description

VxRail 7.0.x Support Matrix

VxRail 4.7.x Support Matrix

VxRail 4.5.x Support Matrix

VxRail 4.0.x Support Matrix

These documents provide information about supported software, firmware, and hardware versions for Dell EMC VxRail appliances based on Dell PowerEdge hardware, including the D Series, E Series, P Series, S Series, and V Series.
VxRail Appliance Simple Support Matrix This document provides information about external software compatibility versions for VxRail appliances.
Table 3. VxRail API and Event guides
Document Description
VxRail Appliance API User Guide This document describes the API for the VxRail appliance versions 4.5.x, 4.7.x, and 7.0.x.
VxRail API Cookbook This document provides sample VxRail API workflows.
VxRail API PowerShell Modules (Download package) The VxRail API PowerShell Modules provide the VxRail API PowerShell user guide and modules to enable the management of VxRail systems using PowerShell cmdlets.
VxRail Event Code Reference (Login required) This reference guide lists the alert and event codes generated by VxRail Manager.
Table 4. VxRail appliance hardware documentation
Document Description
VxRail Appliance Owner’s Manuals These documents describe the various VxRail appliances, including their physical features and technical specifications.
VxRail Appliance Getting Started Guides These documents describe considerations for unpacking and preparing to install VxRail appliances.
Table 5. VxRail security guides
Document Description
VxRail Security Configuration Guide (Login required) This guide provides an overview of the configuration, deployment, and usage settings needed to ensure secure operation of the VxRail appliance.
VxRail Appliance STIG Compliance Guide (Login required) This document provides guidance on the secure installation and secure use of the VxRail appliance for the DoDIN Approved Products List (APL) Deployment Configuration.
Table 6. VxRail planning guides and technical notes
Document Description
VxRail vCenter Server Planning Guide This planning guide discusses guidance for the various vCenter Server deployment options supported on VxRail appliances.

VxRail vSAN Stretched Cluster Planning Guide

VxRail 7.0 vSAN Stretched Cluster Planning Guide

These planning guides provide best practices and requirements for using stretched clusters with VxRail appliances.
vSAN 2-Node Cluster on VxRail Planning Guide This guide provides information for the planning of a VMware vSAN 2-Node Cluster infrastructure on a VxRail platform. (Not for VCF on VxRail solution deployments.)
VxRail Networking Guide with Dell EMC S4148-ON Switches The deployment guide covers the process of connecting a cluster of VxRail nodes to Dell EMC Networking S4148-ON switches in a high-availability configuration.
VxRail Network Planning Guide This is a network planning and consideration guide for the VxRail. It provides valuable insight into supported switch requirements and the networking required to support VxRail.
Networking Guides > VxRail Networking Solutions The networking guides provided on this website assist with the deployment of your infrastructure and the optimal connectivity of your Dell EMC Networking products. Click VxRail Networking Solutions for specific VxRail solutions.
VxRail Fabric Automation SmartFabric Services User Guide This solution brief provides an overview of how VxRail works with HCI network fabrics using Dell OS10 Enterprise Edition SmartFabric services. (Not for VCF on VxRail solution deployments.)
Installing and Configuring VMware AppDefense on VxRail This document describes the procedure for installing VMware AppDefense on a VxRail cluster and for protecting the VxRail Manager virtual machine.
VxRail Cluster Migration Package (Download package) The VxRail Cluster Migration Package provides the VxRail Cluster Migration User Guide and the cluster migration PowerShell script that enables users to migrate a VxRail cluster from the source VC to the target VC without affecting running VMs.
Change Default VDS NIOC Configuration This document describes procedures for changing the default VDS vSphere Network I/O Control (NIOC) configuration.
Change ESXi Witness Traffic VMkernel IP Address for L3 Configuration

Change ESXi Witness Traffic VMkernel IP Address for L2 Configuration

These documents describe procedures for changing the network settings of VMkernel interfaces for witness traffic on ESXi hosts after the initial configuration of a 2-node VxRail cluster. Procedures are provided for L3 (Layer 3) and L2 routing network configurations.