IPI Generation 5 Power Distribution Unit

The IPI solution contains the IPI Generation 5 (G5) power distribution units (PDU) that are configured in the factory within the IPI cabinet. The IPI G5 PDUs have onboard network controllers that are configurable under a single IP address with up to four PDUs. There is one PDU with three additional PDUs in a daisy chain. The IPI G5 PDU Network Controller provides an intelligent gateway to gather power, thermal, security, alerts, and component information in the physical infrastructure for each cabinet. SNMP protocol is used to poll the status of the IP G5 Network Controller of the PDU with the daisy chained PDUs. The results are sent to the management dashboard.

You can add PDUs with a maximum of three sets up to six PDUs. This configuration requires additional IP addresses.

Base cabinet configurations use a single IP address with up to four G5 PDUs in the daisy chain. One IPI G5 PDU Network Controller has three remaining three daisy chained under the single IP address.

The following table shows the IPI G5 PDU count per IP address in each cabinet:
PDUs per cabinet IP address (required)
2 sets with 4 total 1
3 sets with 6 total 2

The IPI G5 PDUs enable remote monitoring capabilities in each IPI cabinet and outlet-level control for each PDU.

Default configuration settings, including the limits and warnings, are set in the factory for all IPI G5 PDU Network Controllers. In the solution, there are environmental, security, power requirements, and thermal management considerations.

For more information about the power requirements and offerings, contact Dell EMC Support.