Fire suppressant disclaimer

Always install fire prevention equipment in the computer room as an added safety measure.

A fire suppression system is the responsibility of the customer. When selecting appropriate fire suppression equipment and agents for your data center, choose carefully. Your insurance underwriter, local fire marshal, and local building inspector are all parties that you should consult when selecting a fire suppression system that provides the correct level of coverage and protection.

Dell EMC designs and manufactures equipment to internal and external standards that require certain environments for reliable operation. Dell EMC does not make compatibility claims of any kind nor does Dell EMC provides recommendations on fire suppression systems. Dell EMC recommends that you do not position equipment directly in the path of high pressure gas discharge streams or loud fire sirens to minimize the forces and vibration that are adverse to system integrity.

NOTE: The previous information is provided on an "as is" basis and gives no representations, warranties, guarantees or obligations on the part of Dell EMC. This information does not modify the scope of any warranty set forth in the terms and conditions of the basic purchasing agreement between the customer and Dell EMC.