Dell EMC Converged Systems Upgrade Guide from Cisco DCNM 7.2 to Cisco DCNM 10.x

This document describes the best practices and upgrade sequence for upgrading Cisco DCNM to the current release.

The upgrade guide features instructions for upgrading from Cisco DCNM 7.2 on Windows to Cisco DCNM 10.x as an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA). The supported upgrade process on Converged Systems starts with installing a new vApp, then migrating the data from DCNM 7.2 to the new instance of DCNM 10.x.

The target audience for upgrading Cisco DCNM from 7.x to Cisco DCNM 10.x includes build teams, deployment and installation personnel, sales engineers, field consultants, advanced services specialists, and customers. Use these instructions to upgrade the following Converged Systems:
  • VxBlock System 340
  • VxBlock System 350
  • VxBlock System 540
  • VxBlock System 740
  • Vblock System 720