High-level VCF upgrade steps

VMware Cloud Foundation Life Cycle Management documentation contains detailed information for the upgrade target.

Go to VMware Docs and download VMware Cloud Foundation Lifecycle Management for the VCF version running on your VxBlock System.

  1. Perform all prerequisites from VCF upgrade prerequisites.
  2. Upgrade the management domain first. Upgrade VI workload domains sequentially after the management domain.
  3. Contact VMware Professional Services to upgrade vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and vRealize Suite products (optional).
  4. Upgrade VMware NSX-T Data Center (management domain).
  5. Upgrade VMware vCenter Server (management domain).
  6. Upgrade VMware ESXi using a Dell Technologies custom VMware ESXI ISO (management domain).
  7. Monitor updates.
  8. Upgrade the VMware NSX-T Data Center for VI workload domains. If multiple VI workload domains are sharing the VMware NSX-T Data Center instance, the host is placed into maintenance mode VMware NSX-T Data Center VIBs are updated (VI workload domains).
  9. Upgrade VMware vCenter Server (VI workload domains).
  10. Upgrade VMware ESXi using a Dell tech custom VMware ESXI ISO (VI workload domains).
  11. Review the update history.
  12. Access log files to troubleshoot.