VCF upgrade overview

VCF uses VMware vSphere Life Cycle Management (vLCM) for automated updates on the VCF services and the VMware software.

A VCF upgrade impacts services and VMware software such as VMware SDDC manager, internal services, VMware vCenter Server, VMware ESXi, and VMware NSX-T Data Center.

VCF includes the following bundle types:
  • Update or upgrade bundles contain bits to update the appropriate VCF software in your management domain or VI workload domain. Apply the upgrade to the management domain first.
  • Install bundles for a VI workload domain to deploy later versions of the software components rather than the versions in your original VCF installation.

Download the bundles and apply then manually, or schedule within a maintenance window.

VMware SDDC Manager manages the VCF upgrade for associated management domain and VI workload domains. Unless specified in the VCF release notes or lifecycle management document, do not use VMware vSphere vCenter, VMware NSX-T Manager, or VMware ESXi to perform VCF BOM upgrades. The management and VI workload domain components must be in a steady state and pass the VMware SDDC Manager precheck.