Dell EMC AMP Central Migration Guide

This document describes how to migrate and consolidate the legacy AMP core management workloads to AMP Central with Dell EMC Unity, Dell EMC Unity XT, and VMware vSAN.

Migration allows you to expand AMP resources for systems that otherwise would be limited due to incompatible components with the newer server models. Migration also allows you to consolidate multiple, separate AMP workloads into a single AMP to facilitate management in a multisystem environment.

All AMP-2 configurations and AMP-3S with M4 servers are considered legacy AMPs. Legacy AMPs can be migrated to an AMP Central integrated or stand-alone configuration for the following VxBlock Systems:
  • VxBlock System 340
  • VxBlock System 350
  • VxBlock System 540
  • VxBlock System 740
The target audience for this document includes the following:
  • Build teams
  • Deployment and installation personnel
  • Sales engineers
  • Field consultants
  • Advanced services specialists
This document is designed for people familiar with legacy AMP compute and storage resources, VMware virtualization, and VxBlock System network configuration and architecture.