VMware NSX Federation

With VMware NSX Federation, you can manage multiple NSX-T Data Center environments with a single view. You can create gateways and segments that span one or more locations. You can configure and enforce firewall rules consistently across locations. After you have installed the Global Manager and have added locations, you can configure networking and security from global manager.

For information about the initial VMware NSX Federation configuration, go to https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/ and access the VMware NSX-T Data Center Administration Guide:

The NSX-T Global managers are added to the Nirvana tool for proper sizing on the AMP. Three global managers are installed with a VIP for load balancing are installed on the AMP. VMware NSX Federation is deployed as a service provided by VMware.

An RTEP VLAN and SVI are added to the ToR switches. The VLAN is trunked down to the NSX-T edge nodes using the VPC links to VMNIC 2 and VMNIC 3.

The following figure shows where RTEP traffic is routed to the NSX-T edge VM: