VMware NSX Intelligence

VMware NSX Intelligence is a distributed analytics engine that is built into VMware NSX-T Data Center. VMware NSX Intelligence provides continuous data center-wide visibility for network and application security teams. VMware NSX Intelligence delivers a more granular and dynamic security posture, simplify compliance analysis, and streamline security operations.

See Using and Managing VMware NSX Intelligence for more information around using VMware NSX Intelligence

A small appliance size can be used for lab or proof-of-concept environment, or a small-scale production environment. A large appliance size is for a large-scale production environment. See the following table for additional information:

Small appliance Large appliance
16 vCPU 32 vCPU
64 GB RAM 128 GB RAM
2 TB storage 2 TB storage

An NSX-T Data Center Enterprise Plus license is required for VMware NSX Intelligence.