Default VLAN names and IDs

VxBlock System factory deployments with VMware vSphere 7.0 introduces a naming and numbering scheme for VLANs and port groups. All VLAN names and VLAN IDs are configurable when ordering.

See the Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000 Architecture Overview for full details of the naming scheme.

The following table shows the VLAN functional names that are used throughout this document, along with the default values for the VLAN name, VLAN ID, and port group name.

VLAN name VMware vSphere 6.x VLAN ID VMware vSphere 6.x

port group name

VMware vSphere 7.0 VLAN ID VMware vSphere 7.0

port group name

VMware vSphere 7.0

VLAN name

esx-mgmt 105 vcesys_esx_mgmt 1631 w-cl01-vds01-pg-mgmt w-mgmt
vmotion 106 vcesys_esx_vmotion 1632 w-cl01-vds01-pg-vmotion w-vmotion
overlay 121 vcesys-nsx-transport 1634 w-cl01-vds01-pg-overlay w-host-overlay
uplink1 122 vcesys-nsxedge-01 2731 w-cl01-vds01-pg-uplink01 w-edge01
uplink2 123 vcesys-nsxedge-02 2732 w-cl01-vds01-pg-uplink02 w-edge02
VRF uplink1 222 vrf1-uplink01 222 vrf1-uplink01 vrf1-uplink01
VRF uplink2 223 vrf1-uplink02 223 vrf1-uplink02 vrf1-uplink02
RTEP 2833 vcesys-rtep 2833 w-cl0-vds-pg-rtep w-retp