System architecture and components

Integrated Data Protection products are extensions of the Converged System, built by Dell EMC in Dell EMC cabinets.

Integrated Data Protection products are pre-architected, assembled, and supported by Dell EMC. While you are free to use any data protection system for your Converged System, Integrated Data Protection products provide systems that are faster to deploy, are optimized for Converged Systems, and come with a single-call support model.

The following table describes how Integrated Data Protection products provide backup and recovery, business continuity, and disaster recovery for the Converged System:

Capability Product Product description
Backup and recovery Avamar (including Avamar Virtual Edition), NetWorker, PowerProtect Data Manager, and Data Domain
  • Advanced deduplication backup.
  • Uses high-speed technology to reduce the backup data storage footprint at the target device by 10 to 30 times. Backup times are shortened while full backups are available for rapid, single-step restores.
Business continuity (disaster avoidance) and workload mobility providing availability (flexibility) VPLEX
  • Shares, protects, or load-balances infrastructure resources across multiple Converged Systems in the same data center or different data centers within a campus or urban area.
  • Moves live VMs between locations, avoiding migration downtime.
  • Handles unplanned events automatically with zero data-loss and zero to near-zero application recovery time.
Replication with continuous local and remote protection RecoverPoint, RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, and VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Data rollback to any point in time.
  • Quickly restores critical applications and data.
  • Helpful when migrating data from one virtualized Converged System to another.