Planning for backup and recovery

Data backup and recovery planning are critical elements of the comprehensive effort to deploy a Converged System. The use of traditional tape to back up and recover data in a Converged System is effective, but legacy methodology inhibits maximizing the potential of the Converged System.

The early planning stages of Converged System design is the time to consider new backup methodologies and current best practices that are specifically designed for a VMware environment. Implementing new backup and recovery processes at this time offers the following advantages:

  • Provides a logical cut-over point. Applications moving into a Converged System can be moved off the old backup infrastructure at the same time.
  • Allows for scaling up the amount of protected data, without increasing administration staff.
  • Meets data protection service level agreements (SLAs) with plenty of room in the backup window for continued data growth.
  • Eliminates tape throughput problems, tape management problems, and security issues associated with tapes.
  • Leverages advanced VMware features such as change block tracking, which is a feature specifically designed for data protection.

In some cases, budget constraints, lease expirations on existing backup components, recent license renewals, or staffing constraints make it impractical to simultaneously roll out a Converged System and a new backup infrastructure. In those situations, it is recommended that you continue to investigate new backup methodologies as part of the Converged System planning efforts. Education during the planning stage allows you to develop a strategy for how to migrate from an older backup system infrastructure.