Upgrade CloudLink

Use this procedure to upgrade CloudLink.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that your account has the Update System permission, which is required to upgrade CloudLink.
  • Set CloudLink Vault to Auto Unlock mode before the upgrade begins. This setting allows CloudLink Center to unlock immediately after the upgrade so that all CloudLink Agents can be upgraded. If CloudLink Vault is set to Manual Unlock mode before the upgrade, it remains in Manual Unlock mode after the upgrade and the vault is locked. You can change the vault back to Manual Unlock mode after the upgrade. See Change CloudLink Vault unlock modes for instructions.


  1. Ensure that the CloudLink Vault is set to Auto Unlock mode.
  2. Log in to CloudLink Center.
  3. Click System > Upgrade.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. In the Upload ISO dialog box, click to go to the upgrade ISO file, and then click Upload. If you are upgrading a CloudLink Center cluster, it can take several seconds for the ISO file to upload to all nodes in a cluster. Do not attempt to upload the ISO file again during this time.
    NOTE: If for any reason the ISO file is not automatically uploaded to all cluster nodes, manually upload the ISO file to each cluster node.
  6. Click Upgrade to start the upgrade process.
  7. In the Confirm Host Upgrade dialog box, click Upgrade. Your connection to CloudLink Center is lost during the upgrade process. You are returned to the login screen when the upgrade is complete.
  8. Log in to CloudLink Center again when the upgrade is complete and perform the Postupgrade verification.