Postupgrade verification

Use this task to perform a postupgrade verification.

Before you begin

Ensure that the upgrade to CloudLink 7.0.2 is completed successfully.


  1. After the CloudLink Center upgrade completes, verify that all virtual machines are connected and stable in CloudLink Center.
    • CloudLink Agents on connected machines attempt to connect to CloudLink Center after the upgrade is complete.
    • If a machine is in a machine group that uses the Auto upgrade policy, the CloudLink Agent that is installed on that machine is automatically upgraded to version 7.0.2.
    • If a machine is in a machine group that uses the Manual upgrade policy, you must manually upgrade the Agent. See Upgrade CloudLink Agents manually.
  2. Verify that all keystores are accessible by CloudLink Center.
  3. On all Windows VMs, verify that CloudLink Agent is connected to CloudLink Center and running version 7.0.2.
  4. On all Linux virtual machines:
    1. Use the svm about command to verify that the CloudLink Agent version appears as “Version 7.0.xxxx”.
    2. Use the svm status command to verify that the volume encryption type is listed as dmcrypt, ecryptfs, or LUKS volume types in the third column. Those volumes are legacy Linux formats used by CloudLink version 5.0 and earlier, and are no longer supported. It is recommended that you contact Dell Technologies support to decrypt the ecryptfs or LUKS volumes and encrypt them using dmcrypt.
      NOTE: Key rotation is not available for ecryptfs volumes until they are decrypted and reencrypted.
  5. In CloudLink Center, check if these alarms were triggered after the upgrade:
    • If the Backup file wasn’t downloaded/uploaded to store recently alarm was triggered, download a backup of the new CloudLink 7.0.2.
    • If the Vault unlock codes are not configured alarm was triggered, set the CloudLink Vault passcodes as described in the Dell EMC CloudLink Administration Guide.
    • If The keystore is not accessible alarm was triggered, check the alarm for detailed information. This alarm is cleared when the keystore locations are accessible.
  6. If you changed the CloudLink Vault unlock mode from Manual Unlock to Auto Unlock before the upgrade, change it back to Manual Unlock. For more information, see Change CloudLink Vault unlock modes.
  7. Restart the VMs to ensure that their boot processes are unaffected by the upgrade.