Dell EMC CloudLink 7.0.2 Upgrade Guide

CloudLink secures sensitive information within virtual machines across both public and private clouds. It provides encryption for the boot volume and additional data volumes with pre-startup authorization for cloud-hosted virtual machines. CloudLink provides this encryption by using native operating system encryption features: Microsoft BitLocker for Windows or dm-crypt for Linux.

CloudLink enables you to use native operating system encryption features to encrypt the virtual machine boot and data volumes in a multitenant cloud environment. This encryption helps protect the integrity of the virtual machine itself against unauthorized modifications. CloudLink encrypts the virtual machine boot and data volumes with unique keys that are controlled by enterprise security administrators. Neither cloud administrators nor other tenants in the cloud have access to the keys. Securing the virtual machine lets you define the security policy it must meet before passing pre-startup authorization, including verifying the integrity of the virtual machine’s boot chain. This offers protection against tampering.

CloudLink ensures that only trusted and verified virtual machines can run and access sensitive data stored in the cloud. As part of the CloudLink solution, CloudLink Center defines the key release policy, performs prestartup authorization, and monitors all CloudLink Agents, events, and logs.

CloudLink also offers significant benefits for environments that use Dell EMC VxFlex OS resources. VxFlex OS is a software-defined solution that enables you to transform direct-attached storage (DAS) on existing hardware into shared block storage. It offers considerable scalability and extreme performance with flexible and elastic storage capacity and nodes. CloudLink encrypts the SDS devices with unique keys that are controlled by enterprise security administrators.

CloudLink Center—The web-based management interface for CloudLink, is used for managing encryption keys, configuring security policies, and monitoring the security and operation events and logs.