Architecture overview

Vscale Architecture uses a Vscale Fabric to deliver scalable LAN and SAN.

Vscale Fabric provides connectivity between the following components:
  • Converged Systems
  • Vscale Fabric Technology Extensions
  • Vscale Open Technology Connect
  • Vscale Border Technology Connect

Vscale Fabric incorporates a scalable spine switches and leaf switches to provide LAN architecture with optional software-defined networking (SDN) and core and edge SAN architecture.

Vscale Architecture modular building blocks include the following:
  • Converged Systems including Converged Technology Extensions.
  • Vscale Fabric Technology Extensions that are modular containers providing connectivity for compute, storage, and/or data protection resources consumed by other resources attached to the Vscale Fabric.
  • AMP Central stand-alone configuration supports IT organization management resources.
  • Vscale Open Technology Connect for third-party component integration.
  • Vscale Border Technology Connect for network services and connectivity to external IP or SAN fabrics.
The following figure shows how Vscale Architecture combines the modular components:

This image shows the Vscale Architecture combination with the modular components.