VMware NSX-T Data Center network virtualization

VMware NSX-T Data Center network virtualization is part of the software-defined data center that offers cloud computing across several platforms.

Platforms include VMware virtualization technologies, bare-metal workloads, Kubernetes-managed container-based workloads, and public cloud. VMware NSX-T Data Center expands on the NSX-V Data Center product by decoupling the management interface and network virtualization capabilities from VMware vCenter Server.

With VMware NSX-T Data Center, virtual networks are programmatically provisioned and managed independent of the underlying hardware. VMware NSX-T Data Center reproduces the entire network model in software, enabling a network topology to be created and provisioned in seconds. Network virtualization abstracts L2 switching and L3 routing operations from the underlying hardware, just as server virtualization does for processing power and operating systems.