Order either the Advanced or Enterprise Plus editions of VMware NSX-T Data Center for use on the VxBlock System. A detailed breakdown of each edition and the features that are supported is in the VMware NSX-T Data Center data sheet. There is an important difference in licensing between VMware NSX-V and VMware NSX-T Data Center. In VMware NSX-T Data Center, the physical Edge hosts do not need VMware NSX-T Data Center licensing. Since the physical Edge host is not prepared as a transport node, it does not consume any VMware NSX-T Data Center CPU licenses.

A customer can license any number of transport nodes (compute hosts). Consider the following:

  • The licensed transport nodes can be a subset of the physical hosts in the VxBlock System.
  • The licensed transport nodes could be more hosts than physically exist in the system.

    In this approach, the customer wants to stretch overlay-backed segments across multiple VxBlock Systems.

  • All VMware NSX-T Data Center licensing must be purchased directly through VMware. Dell EMC is unable to resell the licensing for the product due to export compliance issues. See Obtaining a VMware license.

Cisco UCS licensing

The licensing that is required to connect the physical edge hosts to the UCS domain varies depending on the following:

  • The type of Cisco UCS domain to which the hosts are connecting
  • Whether there is a FEX connected to the FIs

The various connectivity models and their licensing requirements are detailed in the following table:

Connectivity model Licensing details
Cisco UCS Third-Generation domain (6332-16UP FIs), no FEX Each QSFP port on a Cisco UCS Third-Generation FI used for VMware NSX-T Data Center edge direct-connect should be licensed using the direct-connect SKU UCS-LIC-6300-40GC.

Two edge hosts require two SKUs.

Four, six, or eight hosts require four SKUs. 

More than 8 edge hosts require 8 SKUs.

Cisco UCS Fourth-Generation domain (64xxx FIs), no FEX Each edge compute host that connects directly to a Cisco UCS Gen4 FI must be licensed to connect to the Cisco UCS domain. The license is the Cisco UCS C-series Rack Server only 25 Gbps SKU (UCS-LIC-6400-25GC), quantity two ports per server.
Any Cisco UCS domain with FEX Any edge compute host that connects to a FEX and not to an FI does not need any additional port licensing.

VMware vSphere ESXi licensing

Each physical edge host consumes standard per-socket CPU licensing for VMware vSphere ESXi. In this configuration, each host has two physical CPU sockets that are populated, and consumes two VMware vSphere ESXi CPU licenses.