Dell EMC VxBlock™ and Vblock™ Systems 350 Architecture Overview

This document describes the high-level design of the Converged System, and compute, network, storage, virtualization, and management components. Dell EMC Unity and Unity XT Hybrid and Dell EMC Unity and Unity XT All-Flash storage arrays provide a scalable hardware design and advanced software capabilities using flash drives and spinning disks.

Converged Systems are modular platforms with defined scale hovers over meet the higher performance and availability requirements of business-critical applications.

VxBlock System and Vblock System are referred to as Converged Systems.

SAN storage is used to deploy workloads to users to provide the following features:
  • Multicontroller, scale-out architecture with compression and data deduplication for the enterprise.
  • More front-end ports and disks for resource scaling.
Local boot disks are optional and available only for bare metal blades. Boot from SAN is the default boot mechanism for virtualization compute.

See the Glossary for a description of terms specific to Converged Systems.