VxBlock System multisystem management

AMP Central uses available resources on the management workload cluster to manage one VxBlock System 1000 with VCF and multiple legacy VxBlock Systems. Legacy VxBlock Systems require a dedicated (non-VCF managed) VMware vCenter Server. Legacy VxBlock Systems must align to the VxBlock System RCM. You cannot convert or upgrade legacy VxBlock Systems to VMware VCF.

A stand-alone AMP Central connects to a dedicated pair of management and ToR switches that VxBlock System management traverses the external network core. An integrated AMP Central connects to a single pair of management and ToR switches within a managed VxBlock System. AMP Central must traverse the external network core to manage additional VxBlock Systems.

AMP Central hosts the production VMware vCenter Servers. You can use a single VMware vCenter Server for multiple VxBlock Systems (up to the 2000 server limit). You may also purchase more VMware vCenter Server licenses to separate the workloads for each system.

The following figure shows VCF network connectivity for an AMP Central stand-alone configuration:

See the Dell EMC AMP Central Product Guide for information about distributed management for VxBlock Systems, storage, virtualization, and Integrated Data Protection and management workloads.