VI workload domain architecture

VMware SDDC Manager deploys and provisions each VI workload domain and associated VMware vSphere clusters on the VxBlock System. VMware SDDC Manager manages a VI workload domain.

The VI workload domain consists of one or more clusters that are derived from the VxBlock 1000 domains. Each cluster has a minimum of three hosts that use either Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers or Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers to build your clusters. Management workloads are committed to a management domain, while user workloads get deployed into separate VI workload domains. A dedicated VMware vCenter Server manages each VI workload domain. With dedicated VMware vCenter Servers for each VI workload domain, software updates can be deployed without impacting other VI workload domains. A separate VMware vCenter Server allows for additional segregation for each VI workload domain.

VCF standard architecture provides scalability and allows for autonomous licensing and life cycle management. VCF separates management workloads from external workloads to provide better long-term flexibility and expansion options. You can only perform one VI workload domain operation at a time. When you create a VI workload domain, you cannot add a cluster to any other VI workload domain.

VCF supports up to 14 VI workload domains on the VxBlock System.