Management domain architecture

The management domain is a cluster of physical hosts that contain the management component VMs.

A region is a single instance of VCF that contains a separate VMware SDDC instance for VCF high availability. An availability zone in the management domain is a collection of infrastructure components. Each zone is isolated to prevent failure propagation or an outage that spans a data center. The management domain provides a single availability zone to protect against failure of individual hosts.

VMware vSphere runs a dedicated VMware vCenter Server in the management domain with VMware vSAN storage. The management domain hosts VMware SDDC Manager, VMware NSX-T Managers, and AMP Central. If virtual network segments are used, two VMware NSX-T Edge node VMs connect the VMware NSX-T virtual network and the physical network components.

Before you deploy the management domain, size AMP Central with the following considerations:
  • Core, optional, ECO workloads
  • Optional VMware vRealize Suite products and CPU and memory requirements, and associated reservations
  • Storage requirements