Network infrastructure

The stand-alone AMP Central uses dedicated management and ToR Cisco Nexus switches. An integrated AMP Central shares the ToR and management switches between VCF servers and the VCF resources.

The following table shows the specifications for AMP Central with VCF switches:
Switch Specifications
Cisco Nexus ToR Cisco UCS VIC 1457 Quad Port 10 Gb or 25 Gb SFP28 mLOM
Cisco Nexus management Intel X550T Dual Port 10GBase-T LOM

The ToR switch uses 100 GbE QSFP breakout transceivers to provide connectivity for the Cisco UCS VIC server. The ToR switch ports support up to four 25 GbE connections. By default, two transceivers per switch connect a minimum of four servers. Two servers are configured per switch port using two breakout cables per transceiver.

The following figure shows physical connectivity for an AMP Central ready node: