AMP Central with VCF aligns to the VMware Validated Designs (VVD) for VMware ESXi host CPUs with overcommitment recommendations.

The CPU overcommitment ratio for vCPU-to-pCPU is less than or equal to 2:1. Consult your Dell Technologies Sales Engineer to size the AMP and determine the number of management domain servers. Include the following minimum requirements in the complete workload:
  • Management domain base workload.
  • Management domain VMware NSX-T edge nodes.
  • Management domain Element Managers (storage and data protection).
  • Management domain core, optional and ECO workloads.
  • Optional management domain VMware vRealize Suite workload
  • Total number of management domain VMware vCenter Servers and associated VMware NSX-T Managers.
  • Total number of XMS servers.
  • Determine whether VMware NSX-T Intelligence instances are going to be deployed.
  • Total number of legacy VxBlock System VMware vCenter Servers and the associated management workload.