VxBlock System 1000 with VMware Cloud Foundation

VCF on the VxBlock System supports up to 14 VI workload domains. Each workload domain has a dedicated VMware vCenter Server that supports multiple clusters. The VI workload domain in the VxBlock 1000 supports multiple storage arrays using vVols on FC or VMFs on FC datastores.

The following figure shows a VxBlock 1000 with VCF architecture:

Deploy the VMware NSX-T physical edge cluster for the first VI workload domain deployed with VMware NSX-T Data Center if virtual network segments are used. Subsequent VI workload domains can share the same VMware NSX-T physical edge cluster, or you can deploy an additional VMware NSX-T physical edge cluster. VCF uses VVD standardized architectures and configures the management and production VMware vCenter Server with VMware Embedded Link Mode.

The following figure shows the logical components of a VMware SDDC deployment that is based on the standard VCF architecture: