The VxBlock Central user interface, AMPs, and management software provide to management and monitoring for VxBlock Systems in a data center.

VxBlock Central

VxBlock Central is available in the modular offerings of Base, VxBlock Central Workflow Automation, and VxBlock Central Advanced Analytics to manage your Converged Systems. See the VxBlock Central overview for more information.


The following management platforms are provided to manage workflows:
  • AMP-3S
  • AMP-VX
  • AMP Central for multisystem management
  • AMP Central for single system management
AMP provides the ability for VxBlock System to:
  • Manage a single VxBlock System or multiple VxBlock Systems.
  • Run the core and Dell EMC optional management workloads.
  • Monitor and manage health, performance, and capacity.
  • Provide network and fault isolation for management.
  • Eliminate resource overhead.

See the AMP overview for more information.