Upload an RSA Authentication Manager configuration file

Use this procedure to upload an RSA Authentication Manager configuration file to CloudLink Center, before you configure users for 2FA using RSA SecurID.

Before you begin

The configuration file generated from RSA Security Console, available in a location where it is accessible for uploading to CloudLink Center.

About this task

You generate the configuration file (REC) using RSA Security Console, which puts the file in a compressed file (ZIP). You download the ZIP file and extract the REC file from it. For more information, see the RSA Security Console documentation.

You can replace the current configuration file with a new file. Ensure that you clear the shared node secret using RSA Security Console. For more information, see Clear the shared node secret.


  1. Log in to CloudLink Center.
  2. Click System > RSA Authentication Manager.
  3. Click Upload Configuration.
  4. In the Upload RSA Authentication Manager Configuration dialog box, click to select the configuration file, and then click Upload.