Role-Based Access Control for CloudLink

The following table lists the CloudLink permissions and the default roles to which they are assigned.

Table 1. Permissions and roles
Name Role
SecAdmin Admin Observer
View Users x x x
Add User x x
Delete User x x
Change User Roles x x
Change User Password x x
Change User Second Factor x x
Unlock User x x
View Roles x x x
Add Role x
Delete Role x
Modify Role x
Change Role Administration x
Backup and Restore
View Backup Configuration x x x
Generate Backup Key x
Generate Backup x x
Download Backup x x
Change Backup Configuration x x
Restore Backup x
Keystores and Keys
View Keystores x x
Add Keystore x
Delete Keystore x
Modify Keystore x
Move Keys x
View Machines x x
Remove Machine x
Control Machine Boot x
Change VM Encryption Policy x
Change Machine Encryption x
Change Machine Keys x
Shred Machine x
Move Machine x
View Approved Networks x x
Add Approved Network x
Modify Approved Network x
Delete Approved Network x
Machine Groups
View Groups x x
Add Group x
Modify Group x
Delete Group x
View Machines Usage x x x
Reset Machines Usage x
CloudLink Vault
View Vault Mode x x x
Change Vault Mode x
Set Vault Unlock Passcodes x
Unlock Vault x x
View Actions x x x
View Alarms x x x
View Events x x x
View Security Events x x x
CloudLink Center Clusters
View Cluster Members x x x
Add Cluster Member x
Delete Cluster Member x
Join To Cluster x
Check cluster concurrent session x
CloudLink Licenses
View Licenses x x x
Upload License x
Assign License x
Delete License x
View Syslog Configuration x x x
Change Syslog Configuration x
Update System x
View System Configuration x x x
Change System Configuration x x
View Server Specific Configuration x x x
Change Server Specific Configuration x x
View User Sessions x x x
Terminate User Session x x
View Server Logs x
View Server Performance x
View KMIP Partitions x x
Add KMIP Partition x
Modify KMIP Partition x
Shred KMIP Partition x
View KMIP Objects x x
View KMIP Clients x x
Add KMIP Client x
Modify KMIP Client x
Delete KMIP Client x
View Providers x x
Add Provider x
Modify Provider x
Delete Provider x
View Approved Locations x x
Add Approved Location x
Modify Approved Location x
Delete Approved Location x
View Licensed Hosts x
Add Licensed Host x
Delete Licensed Host x