Create and manage CloudLink Center cluster

This chapter provides information about creating and managing a CloudLink Center cluster.

A CloudLink Center cluster provides high availability if one CloudLink Center server in the cluster becomes unavailable. For example, a server may become unavailable unexpectedly due to a connection issue. A server may also become unavailable during periods of planned maintenance, when a server is taken offline.

A CloudLink Center cluster is comprised of up to four CloudLink Center servers, where each is active at all times. There is no primary server. The agents can be actively connected to any server in the cluster.

CloudLink Center replicates configuration information between all servers in a cluster. This replication means that all servers contain the same critical configuration information: CloudLink licenses, volume encryption policy, user accounts, manual passcodes for unlocking CloudLink Vault, actions, alarms, and security events.

Critical configuration information replicated by CloudLink Center in clustered servers

A CloudLink Center cluster only replicates CloudLink Center server data. Data from external resources, such as key locations, key protectors, and key management servers, are not replicated.

You can remove a server from a CloudLink Center cluster at any time. See Remove a CloudLink Center cluster server for more information.

For information about upgrading a CloudLink Center cluster, see the Dell EMC CloudLink 7.1 Upgrade Guide.