Manage CloudLink Encryption for Containers

CloudLink encryption for containers enables you to encrypt shared volumes in a Kubernetes cluster. One CloudLink Center instance can support multiple Kubernetes clusters. Each Kubernetes cluster node can have multiple Encryption for Container agents running on it, which includes one Encryption for Containers agent for each driver.

Using the CloudLink Center web interface, you can add Kubernetes clusters on which you can deploy containerized applications.

CloudLink 7.1 supports the following:
  • Kubernetes version 1.14 to 1.19
  • Storage types that support Container Storage Interface (CSI):
    • Generic NFS storage
    • PowerScale (NFS) storage
    • PowerFlex block storage
  • Volume types that support CSI:
    • File System provisioning for all storage types
    • Raw Block Volume provisioning for PowerFlex block storage
  • FIPS validated dm-crypt crypto module for container block volume encryption