Resolve missing CloudLink Center key alarm

This topic provides information about resolving the missing CloudLink Center key alarm.

Each day, CloudLink Center checks if it can access volume or device keys for connected and registered machines. If CloudLink Center detects that it cannot access one or more volume or device keys, it generates the Missing Key alarm for each key. After raising this alarm, CloudLink Center checks hourly to see whether the key has become available. CloudLink Center lowers the alarm only when the key is available during the check. The alarm is also lowered when a machine is disconnected.

This alarm occurs if a keystore containing the required key becomes inaccessible because CloudLink Center cannot access the volume or device keys that are stored in the keystore. This alarm also occurs if an administrator deletes a keystore that contains required volume or device keys, or deletes a key from a keystore during a shred operation or by using external tools.

This alarm is intended to notify you in a timely manner that volume or device keys are missing. Actions that you must take to resolve this alarm may include checking network connectivity for the keystore or restoring a keystore from a backup file. For more information, see Restore keystores from a backup file.