Upgrade Ubuntu OS by using REST API

Use this procedure to upgrade Ubuntu OS by using REST API when a Ubuntu security patch is released.

Before you begin

  • CloudLink requires access to Internet to download the Ubuntu security patch.
  • Click Server > DNS, and then ping google.com to ensure that CloudLink has Internet access.


  1. Log in to CloudLink Center.
  2. Click About > REST Documentation > Open Documentation. The CloudLink Center REST API page opens in a new window.
  3. Click server : Server Configuration.
  4. You must have the permission to access the REST API. To grant permission to access the REST API, click .
  5. In the Select OAuth2.0 Scopes dialog box, select the checkbox next to all, and then click Authorize. You are logged out of CloudLink Center.
  6. Log in to CloudLink Center again.
  7. Ensure that you are granted the permission to access the REST API by verifying that this button is in state.
  8. Click PUT /cloudlink/rest/server/dist_upgrade > Try it out.
  9. Click GET /cloudlink/rest/server/dist_upgrade > Try it out. After the upgrade is completed, "is_upgrade_done":true is displayed.
  10. Wait for ten minutes and repeat Step 9 till the upgrade is completed.