Move an encrypted disk to Linux machine

Use this procedure to move an encrypted disk to a Linux machine.


  1. Detach the disk from VM-A.
  2. Attach the disk to VM-B.
  3. Type the following command or reboot VM-B.
    svm reload
  4. Create a mount point on VM-B for the disk from VM-A. Example:
    mkdir -p  /data1/dir
  5. Type this command: svm recover /mount_point /device Example:
    svm recover /data1/dir /dev/sdb1
  6. Restart the CloudLink Agent service. For more information, see Restart the CloudLink Agent service on Linux machines.
  7. If the machine is put in the pending state because CloudLink Center cannot release keys for the moved volume, you need to manually accept the moved volume, as follows:
    1. In CloudLink Center, click Machines.
    2. Select the machine with the moved volume or a moved device.
    3. Click Actions > Pending Volumes.
    4. Select the moved volume or a moved device, and then click Accept.
  8. Verify that the encrypted volume or device is accessible.
  9. In CloudLink Center, verify that the mount points attached to VM-B are identified as encrypted.