Move an encrypted drive to another machine

In some circumstances, you may need to move an encrypted disk from one machine registered with CloudLink Center to another registered machine. For example, if a machine cannot boot, you can move its encrypted disk to another machine.

After moving the disk, you must register the new machine with the same CloudLink Center instance as the original machine. On startup, CloudLink Center determines whether to release keys for the moved disk based on the Moved Device or Moved Volume key release policy. For information, see Change key release policies of a machine group on CloudLink Center.

If CloudLink Center cannot release keys for the moved volume based on the current Moved Volume or Moved Device key release policy, it puts the machine in the pending state and locks the volume. You must manually accept the moved volume or device. After it is accepted, CloudLink Center allows the machine to start up and puts it in the connected state. CloudLink Center unlocks the volume or device and displays it as encrypted.

For the purposes of the following procedures, assume that VM-A is the machine with the encrypted disk (/data1/dir1) that you want to move to VM-B.