CloudLink key release policies

This topic provides information about the key release policies available in CloudLink.

Before CloudLink Center automatically releases keys, a machine must:

Key release policies may be required to enable:

  • A machine to start as part of the prestartup authorization process
  • Access to encrypted data volumes

If a machine does not meet the policies, CloudLink Center puts the machine in the pending state. To enable a key release policy, you must manually select a key release policy. For more information about manually enabling key release policies, see Accept or reject pending machines in CloudLink.

Key release policies are set for a machine group. For more information, see Manage secure machine groups on CloudLink Center.

Preboot unlock for PowerFlex devices

To enable preboot unlock of devices connected to PowerFlex machines, change all of a machine group's pending policies to Allow Automatically. This prevents the PowerFlex machine from being placed in the pending state and allows the connected devices to be unlocked.